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"Gu Double Side" is unique in its kind, and aims at harmonizing the body, calming and immersing in a relaxed state of mind.
It is a percussion musical intrument looks like sphere, made of high-carbon steel, with slotted tongues of different lengths on both sides. For the most complete sound on "Gu Double SIde" play in a suspended state (as on a gong). The incredible resonance achieved by the fine tuning of the master, which exactly brings two pairs of tongues on both sides of the Gu Double Side to the right notes with a difference of 1 hertz. It makes possible to enter the state of alpha and the theta of brain rhythms (the state between sleep and wakefulness), starts a reboot of all body systems, and also eliminates nervous, psychological and mental stress. This is achieved through the effect of binaural beats, which are increasingly used in European clinics for recovery and healing.
In the practice of sound therapy, "Gu Double Side" is used for recovery processes, as well as for cleaning on many levels (psychological, emotional, mental and physical).
All notes are harmonious to each other, and are set up according to the diatonic principle in the 432 hertz system.
NUMBER OF NOTES: 20 (10 +10)
HARMONY: Do Re Me Mi Fa# Sol La Si Do Re Mi 432 Hertz (440 Hz also available)
MATERIAL: High-carbon hardened steel of the highest quality. Special author's technology of hardening.
COLOR: Matte gray (For additional pay are available gold anticorrosion coating )
HEIGHT: 12 cm
WEIGHT: 1.8 kg
In kit - сonvenient sticks made from wood and wool + bag


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